Mississippi Valley Conservancy Website

Project Overview

The Mississippi Valley Conservancy (MVC) was looking to improve their Web presence to effectively convey the magnitude and importance of the organization’s accomplishments, and its long-term positive impact on the communities in which MVC works. MVC also wanted the capability to manage the site themselves, and to be current and “connected” to sites such as Facebook and YouTube. Cost was also a factor, since, as a non-profit organization, the Mississippi Valley Conservancy was unable to budget for a large-scale Web project.

MVC posted a request for proposal (RFP), and AVS Group was awarded the project—proposing to design and develop an attractive, easy-to-maintain, cost-effective website to effectively convey not only the mission of MVC, but also the splendor of what it represents. In order to enable MVC to manage the site themselves, AVS Group also proposed that the site be developed using a Web content management system.

With a clear set of expectations from MVC, AVS Group created a visually stunning website with easy-to-use navigation that allowed content to stay at the forefront with minimal scrolling. The Home page of the site features a Flash banner that MVC can modify themselves, as well as upcoming events and news items which auto-populate from the site calendar and news section. The site also allows MVC to easily post videos and beautiful photos of the region and their work.


  • Technologically-advanced website with an XML-based Flash banner
  • Uses real-life images to convey the beauty of the region that the Mississippi Valley Conservancy serves
  • Provides viewers with an informative tool regarding the conservancy, what they have to offer, and how viewers can contribute to the organization
  • Allows viewers to quickly find the information they need through easy-to-navigate sections, including the following:
    • What's at Stake?
    • Land Conservation
    • Get Involved
    • About MVC
    • Dig Deeper
  • Enables the MVC to effectively and efficiently manage the site themselves, with the ability to add, edit, and delete content and website pages

Client Feedback

“I am very likely to recommend AVS Group. The team is knowledgeable, accessible, and professional. I sensed that the team members were enthusiastic about the project and committed to excellence… …Thank you for the top quality Web design, implementation, and the follow-up training with the content management system. AVS does a clearly superior job of creating a beautiful and functional online presence for its customers.”
Tim Jacobson, Executive Director of the Mississippi Valley Conservancy

About Mississippi Valley Conservancy

The Mississippi Valley Conservancy (MVC) is a regional, non-profit land trust based in La Crosse, Wisconsin. The MVC has permanently conserved about 12,000 acres of blufflands, prairies, wetlands, and streams in the Mississippi River Valley since their founding in 1997.

MVC works with private landowners and local communities on voluntary conservation projects in seven counties along the Mississippi River. The counties include Buffalo, Trempealeau, La Crosse, Monroe, Vernon, Crawford, and Grant County. They use voluntary tools such as conservation agreements, land purchases, land donations, cooperative acquisitions, and a landowner registry program to conserve lands for ecological, scenic, and open space values.

MVC works cooperatively with individuals, businesses, conservation groups, local units of government, and other state and federal agencies.