Dairyland Power Youth Opportunities Videos

Client. Dairyland Power Cooperative

Our role. Dairyland Power Cooperative hired AVS Group to help produce two videos to highlight the youth opportunities the Cooperative provides. Dairyland Power staff members first recorded video interviews with a number of children and young adults, encouraging them to share their experiences with the programs their local power cooperatives provide. After reviewing the footage, AVS Group and Dairyland Power team members worked together to further define the key themes and messaging for the videos. Following that discussion, AVS Group crafted a script to tie the stories together in a way that would help viewers understand the depth of the programs, and the benefits those programs provide to youth and their communities. Then, AVS Group edited the interview footage together with select photos, used professional voiceover talent to provide the narration, and set the completed videos to upbeat, energetic music. The videos were then further customized with each power cooperative's name, logo, and web address for use in their own communities. 

What made this project unique is that the client provided virtually all of the visual assets: video footage, still footage, archival footage from previous projects; and the music. AVS Group produced the graphical look and feel and assisted in telling the story, working from the existing assets. AVS Group was able to work flexibly with Dairyland Power to provide the help and support they needed.