iLEAD Charter School Marketing Campaign

Project Overview

AVS Group was hired by iLead Charter School to market their new public school option. The school needed help informing parents, students, and the community about the availability of this new, innovative school. Not only was it important to start spreading the word about the school, it was critical that the marketing campaign help students and parents understand the concepts behind iLEAD Charter.

Starting with a strategic plan was important, so we began by facilitating a strategy session between key iLEAD officials and teachers. During this session, we uncovered what differentiated iLEAD from other traditional and nontraditional schools, and what would be of greatest interest and value to potential students and their parents. We discussed potential questions that our audience may have about the school, its curriculum, and its philosophy. Following the strategy session, we worked collaboratively with iLEAD Charter to develop and refine a message that is aligned with the school’s mission and goals, and is appealing to students and their parents.

Next, we began planning the marketing strategy. Because of a limited budget and limited time before open enrollment, we concentrated on the basics and selected tactics that would deliver the greatest reach and impact at the lowest possible cost. We agreed that a website was critical to effective communication and in building the school’s brand identity. In addition, we felt that a brochure that explained the key principles behind iLEAD Charter would be a great way to get people interested in the school, and drive them to the website to learn more. Finally, we selected a postcard and regional advertising as the means for getting the word out about the school.

The designs had to be eye-catching and modern, to help communicate the very forward-thinking philosophy of the school. We also recognized that we had an opportunity to set the tone for the school’s brand, a brand that can be strengthened through the development of future marketing materials. Appropriately, the design of all the materials strives to be fun, energetic, inclusive, and professional.

The postcard and the ads were our opportunities to reach out and capture people’s attention, and intrigue them enough that they would check out the website or attend an information session to learn more about the school. We kept the graphics simple and modern and made sure to use consistent brand colors. Because we only had a minimum amount of space, we had to choose our words wisely. Having conducted the strategy session served us well and we were able to quickly narrow the message to the most critical items that would be sure to get people’s attention. It was designed to bridge the gap from interest to action.

The brochure was our opportunity to provide more information about the multiple facets to the school: the curriculum, the core philosophy and vision, who would be a good fit for the school, and how it differs from a traditional school. 


Marketing, communication tools and ongoing support provided by AVS Group included the following benefits:

  • Development of a meaningful brand image
  • Greater awareness and public visibility
  • Effective communication through the use of a variety of marketing channels

Client Feedback

"As a public school, we don't have a true "marketing" budget and we are very careful to be financially responsible.  We looked to AVS Marketing Group for their expertise and couldn't have been more satisfied!  Our goal was for student recruitment, but we were pretty specific with the type of student we were looking for and the information we wanted to share.  AVS provided us with a complete marketing plan and many cost-effective avenues for getting information to the people we needed reach.  Additionally, we were under budget!  The feedback that we've received from our marketing materials has been amazing!  Our materials were eye-catching and gave the professional image we were looking for.  As a result, we have our first student cohort group starting in the fall!  The AVS staff was exceptional and made the process easy."
Lynette Livingston, Director of Curriculum & Instruction, School District of Mauston

About iLead Charter School

ILEAD Charter School is a student-centered, project-based school. Relationships within the school, community, and region are at the foundation of iLEAD’s leadership and entrepreneurial vision. iLEAD Charter School promises to engage its students through rigorous and relevant curriculum to well-prepare iLEAD students for the college and career demands of the 21st Century. Caring and civic-minded individuals who want to develop local and global community projects will blossom at iLEAD. The school is located in Mauston, Wisconsin and is currently designed for students in grades 7-12.